Premium rafting

This is our most popular rafting trip, and suitable for everyone who wants an action filled trip down Numedalslågen!
We go down rapids on a class 3-4 section of the river.

If the water level is right, we can jump from cliffs and surf in holes!

The Numedalslågen river changes a lot on different water levels, which gives us totally different experiences throughout the season.
In the snow melt, we have huge waves and a big volume river, later in the season we can raft higher up, and do all the big rapids.

Water flow in last 24h

Current flow: 34.6m3/s (15-08-18, 20:00 )

Water level in last 24h

Current level: 1.450m (15-08-18, 19:00 )


Phone: 32 09 38 20

Address: Bygdevegen 189, 3588 Dagali

Organisation number: 996348091