Dagali Rafting

Water Fun for the youngest ones!
Suitable for kids from 4 years.
We are rafting in a calm section of the river, with small and safe waves.

The kids can try paddle, jump from the raft, float in the water and play with riverboards.
This is not a challenging trip, but a fun introduction for the youngest, and a nice way to be comfortable in water.

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Family rafting is suitable for the whole family, fun for kids between 8-12 years, and more cautious adults.

We are rafting a section on the river, graded up class 2 (3).
The section we are rafting is water level dependent.

If you want, you can try and float or swim in the calmer sections!
It is possible to buy pictures from the trip on a memory stick.

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This is our most popular rafting trip, and suitable for everyone who wants an action filled trip down Numedalslågen!
We go down rapids on a class 3-4 section of the river.

If the water level is right, we can jump from cliffs and surf in holes!

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Have you rafted before, and want to try somthing more extreme?
On extreme rafting, we raft the biggest rapids in Numedalslången, and chances of falling out or boat flips are big.

To go on extreme trip, you should have rafted before, be in normal to good physical health and not be afraid to swim!

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Want to really feel the power in Numedalslågen?
On a riverboard you are close to the water, and it is a completely different experience from rafting or

We surf waves and holes, and if the waterlevel is right, we can paddle down some of the bigger rapids!

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