Dagali Rafting

About us

Dagali Rafting AS started in 1898, and was one of the first rafting companies in Norway.
We are located in Dagali, just 30 minutes away from Geilo.
Our river, Numedalslågen, is classified as the most technical whitewater rafting rivers in North of Europe!

Numedalslågen changes alot during the season, with big volumes during spring flows, and steeper and more technical later in the season.
Numedalslågen is known all over the kayaking and rafting community, as «Little Zambezi»

Dagali Rafting has handpicked guides from all over the world, with experience from drifferent rivers.
They know our river like the back of their hands, and will guide you safely down the rapids.
We have rafting trips suitable for everyone.
The oldest guest we had, was 87 years old!

Safety is very important to us, and all our guides are sertified through Rescue 3 International.
They are also qualified in First Aid.

You find us at Geilo Airport Dagali, 25 minutes from Geilo

Mail: post@dagalirafting.no

Phone: 32 09 38 20

Address: Bygdevegen 185, 3588 Dagali

Organisation number: 996348091